Welcome to FCH Group

FCH Group is a chemical company providing custom synthesis in medicinal chemistry to pharmaceutical companies worldwide. With more than 20 PhD scientists conducting research and development, FCH Group offers a library of 1,848,622 diverse drug-like small molecule compounds and 5,213,995 advanced reagents for synthesis. Majority of reactive intermediates from our database are available in quantities of over 20 grams. If the requested compound is absent, we are ready to re-synthesize it as all these compounds were designed and obtained by our chemists. The customer will be provided with reliable information on the progress of the synthesis and estimated delivery date in this case.

We provide free feedback on any proposed project, and are ready to sign a non-disclosure agreement prior to any discussions.

Our research facilities are located in Chernigov, Ukraine with well developed infrastructure. We have 2 000 sq.ft of laboratory space equipped with 29 fume hoods. Our scientists are experienced in laboratory scale organic synthesis, drug and chemical product research, and chemical product sales. Particularly, our chemists have experience in catalysis, synthesis of heterocycles and amino acids, handling water- and air-reactive chemicals.

We are flexible and responsive to customer needs to create additional value. Prompt response policy to customer inquiries, direct and open dialogue with customer are distinguished features of our company. We never stop improving the quality of our products and efficiency of the production processes.

The leader of FCH Group Sergey Bova has over fifteen years experience in synthetic organic chemistry. He is a highly respected expert in the field of chemistry of heterocyclic compounds.