Focused Libraries

Lead-like library sdf

There is a direct relation between the quality of a screening library and the success of a drug discovery project. Lead-like compounds are an ideal starting point for such purpose allowing final compounds to remain in drug-like space. Our library contains 125,569 lead-like molecules which have been cautiously chosen from FCH group screening compound collection.

Representative acids sdf

Our representative acids have a potential use as peptidomimetics (e.g. RGD), ligands for specific GPCRs (e.g. S1P), Bile receptors in the gut, etc. The set contains 31,283 unique carboxylic acids with lead-like profiles.

Representative amines sdf

Our representative amines have a perspective in the modulation of ion channels GPCRs. The set contains 27,604 unique primary and secondary amines with lead-like profiles.

Unnatural amino acids sdf

A fast growth of peptidomimetics has encouraged us to create a representative set of unnatural amino acids. The set contains 668 compounds with lead-like profiles and is a good starting point for a research where unnatural amino acids might be molecules of interest.

Spirocyclic compounds sdf

The set contains 2,256 compounds that possess a lead-like profile as well as a rigid spirocyclic moiety.

Diversity libraries

5120 compounds sdf
15090 compounds sdf

Two diverse sets which represent our screening compound library and cover broad chemical space 

We deliver our compounds in various formats: in dry powders/solutions placed in vials/microtubes/plates (96 or 384 wells).